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We Watch Food

Sep 7, 2019

Ep. 64

Sophie & Mitch return to talk about Wallace & Gromit, specifically the original 1989 short A Grand Day Out and the most recent one 2008's A Matter of Loaf & Death.

We break down why animated food looks so tasty, we try to figure out the qualities of moon-cheese, and we try to see if we'd be blinded by...

Jul 27, 2019

Ep. 63

Continuing the summer movies with Stephen Chow's 1996 film The God of Cookery, and hoboy what a movie.

We try to discern the actual plot, make sense of the intense stylization, and figure out if Stephen Chow (the character) ever really learned the secret of cooking. We know he has magic food-related kung fu, and...

Jul 22, 2019

Ep. 62

It's time to look at ugly things through a beautiful lens, which means it's time for 1989's The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

Sophie & Mitch talk about this grimy movie and what make it so intriguing to watch. We talk about the distance style creates between an audience and a piece of art. We discuss...

Jul 13, 2019

Ep. 61

We just watched the wonderful film Big Night (1996), aka Two Brothers with a Restaurant and They're Italian.

We discuss the impressive directorial decisions, the written & visual storytelling, and a final scene that is one of the best from any movie we've seen - food-related or otherwise....

Jul 6, 2019

Ep. 60

Ever wonder why every hole-in-the-wall Chinese food restaurant has a General Tso Chicken dish on their menu? Well look no further than 2014's The Search for General Tso.

Sophie & Mitch talk about this investigative documentary, sussing out the origins of this ubiquitous chicken recipe. We discuss the malleability...